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To inspire and enrich lives through financial empowerment --- an essential, basic life skill that is an absolute requirement for survival



Promote Financial Independence, Responsibility, Security & Success

To Assist, Strengthen & Modernize Our Education System 


All to often, we witness stories of financial tragedy and despair.  Sometimes it is through our own lens or that of a family member, loved one or friend.  Whether it is mounting debt, loss of a job, inability to cover health or funeral expenses, a foreclosure, bankruptcy, or divorce, it rocks us to the core. 


This is usually accompanied by a whirlwind of emotional, physical and mental pain -- feeling of hopelessness, anguish, fear, uncertainty & isolation. It is these painstaking stories that validate the need for financial empowerment / education. 

Rather than stand idle, a group of passionate, like-minded citizens decided to act.

Armed with an uncompromising belief that financial empowerment is the passport to a more abundant, fulfilling and prosperous life, the group set out to chart a different path for people, especially young, at-risk people throughout Massachusetts.

Thus, Early Investors was born.   




We rely on members who are passionate, committed, active, result-oriented & forward-thinkers. 

Currently, we are seeking talented individuals to help with fundraising & communication.  If interested, please contact us.                                       

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